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Yes, They ARE Thinking Of You

"WHY do I keep THINKING about 'this person?!'" The answer: that person is thinking about you. Don't Blame Yourself -Society, government, education systems, corporations, religions, cults, certain people brainwash others.

-These people:

*do not have high tier critical thinking skills nor advanced thought practices

*they live by current acceptable socioeconomic norms; they are common and brainwashed themselves

*don't ask these sorts for guidance or advice, they are so brainwashed and misguided but someone like you gives them groundedness, love, proper purpose, joy.

*without you, others do not do well...which is why you are reading this to find the answer to "why do I think about THAT person so much?!"

Its Not You Do ask a very good psychic, medium for direction, especially someone like me who invokes kinesiology; I test everything.

I dowse, I muscle test. Continuously.

Constantly Thinking About That Person Comes From The Other Person Because They Have...

1. Unfinished Business; an incomplete soul contract.

You are someone who is honest, truthful, finishes business...the other person: not as honest, did change course, did crowd the relationship, hides things, is cowardly, is weak. That Person: targeting you, thinking of you, unwittingly contacting you (as in psychic or astral communication).

2. Humans Are Spiritual Beings: *Good Or Evil, spiritual and/or moral compass, The Good Soul is superior. Don't attempt to challenge this point. It is so. *A lower person, lowered being, evil entity (narcissists/sociopaths/psychopaths/evil doers and all secret societies) must have the energy of a good person (us). There is Host (us).

There is/are the damned remainder: all who are Liars/Cheats/Thieves/Narcissists/Sociopatha/Psychopaths/Evil Persons including Evil Corporations anything that is not sovereign including all evil secret societies and any/all affiliates. Simple minded brainwashing alienating controlling people, dead or alive. Without You

1. the aforementioned vile, evil embodiments fail to function, do poorly, will fail.

So, if you ask "why do i think about tgat person all the time?!" it is they thinking, needing you. You are sovereign. They are not.

Lastly, cutting ties, severing cords with liars is the best thing to do. There are energetic cords between you and others. Cut them. Cords are attachments. Attachments destroy.

Cut the cords.

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