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Astral Communications

Whether on Earthly Plane, Astral Plane, Morphic Territory, The elestials...communications are psychically sent and received.

You are happily going about your business; busily distracted, minding your lane, working, having fun, enjoying friends, and family when suddenly "that person" enters your stream of Happy Living. You did nothing to solicit the Thought of That Person. Here's why that Thought entered your auric fields: That Person IS sending you astral communications.

So. Do not doubt yourself when the Thought via That Person arrives in your Psychic Inbox.

1. You get a chill. You get a pass of goosebumps. You even feel a touch. These are all signs of That Person accessing your auric fields. It’s a thing. Know that you are the focus of the intended thought passing into your fields from That Person. If you sense it, it is so. Tell Doubt to take a hike.

2. Hiccups. Yes, Hiccups. Society labels hiccups as rude; to be silenced immediately. But I say I welcome hiccups. Here's why: I find that if people have hiccups, there is messaging transmitted to Hiccup Recipient from That Person. Truly so.

People who have hiccups are receiving toxic messaging from That Toxic Person. It is a psychically advanced attack from That Person. Know this: That Person isn't that powerful; but the thought(s) towards the person having the hiccups is powerful. This is because psychic communication IS powerful.

Yes, hiccups are digestively related; however, not always.Muscle test to determine the point of origination for your hiccups. Or book online with me for an appointment.

Toxic people own skewed toxic critical thinking skills. Like all living energetic intelligent life, messages are psychically communicated! Hiccups are a symptom....a signal to YOU!

3. Red Cheeks and Red Ears

Red Cheeks = psychic attack from Toxic Person, as in, your cheeks will burn. Your cheeks will feel hot AND present with redness.

Red Ears = a positive accord, as in, Someone is communicating positive or complimentary words or thoughts towards you.

4. Its Wintertime. No. You're not having an allergy attack. But you are having a psychic attack from That Person. Here's how to know:

Females: Right Eye Itches = Negatively Thoughts Towards Her

Left Eye Itches = Praise or Positive Thoughts Towards Her

For Males, it is the opposite:

Right Eye Itches = Praise or Positive Thoughts Towards Him

Left Eye Itches = Negatively Thoughts Towards Him

Who's Focused on you? Let's fix this. Book online

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