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***bitcoin*** Sell now.

Bitcoin is cabal, DeepState, used for human:child trafficking. It will see an increase, then a drop, crash. It will go to zero (when you see $29k/share, believe it's over).

Bitcoin blockchain: built by ibm. Hackable. Multiple backdoors

ibm: going away.

China: closing bitcoin (mined at ThreeGorges).

When bitcoin announced (c 2009), there was no data, few articles about bitcoin. You see why. It is an exclusive club. You were spared from being a part of bitcoin if you did not invest, couldn't see how to invest nor had the investment platform.

The fiat/dollar: bankrupt, gone.

NESARA/GESARA: tomorrow. Forget what you love about April 1. Its stupid, April 1.

WellsFargo/AbbottDowning and Bank Of America are two banks going quantum in Tier 5 tomorrow (April1).

Today: if your bank is not compliant to go quantum (NESARA/GESARA), you will soon learn why.

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