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Your Dreams. Wait. Your Visitations.

You had a dream. It was so real. SO real. As IF it truly happened.

It did. Happen.

Dreams are dreams. But. Dreams that smack of reality…these are visitations.

If your beloved deceased (or living) Auntie Mae presented in a “dream” but said dream was SO real….that’s a visitation. Be cognizant, aware of what Auntie Mae said in the visitation; what she pointed out; what the landscape shaped up to be; where you and Auntie Mae visited.

Its. All. Significant. And telling.

I receive several dream interpretation requests in a given month. All dreams, all visitations are important. A reading allows these significant matters to own value; point you in the right direction; confirm your suspicions; map out a new path, a new career, a new friend….really anything that your Higher Self and/or Spirit finds valuable for you to know and/or own.

One Crazy Night…

…I had a visitation. Freaked. Me. Out.

The landscape: the truest bluest skies you’ve ever seen. Gently rolling hills sown with Perfect Green grass billowing in the equally gentle breeze. And then He appeared. He held out His Hand scored with a rough hewn missing nail. He was dressed in white. His waistline held a Gold Cord. And He told me I was forgiven.

I ran a forty yard sprint, in place, out from under my sheets and blankets, dropped to my knees aside my bed…panting. Heart racing.

But completely assured of what I’d encounter and what Jesus said to me. Forgiven. That visitation in 1992 answered every question I’d had up to that night in my life.


So. If ANYONE Ever Smarts Off To You and Says That Dreams Are Stupid and That Dreams/Visitations Mean Nothing….

….know this: that person is full ego; full of self; and scared to death of truth.

Because Visitations are truth. And if you’re a pragmatic logical honest sort, then truth is what you seek in every facet of your life. So, own what you learn in Visitations.

Visitations own pure information. Visitations dispel lies. Visitations proliferate truth. Visitations answer questions. Visitations tell you the exact nature (the truth) about a person/people; an idea; predict events; validate and confirm; are profound; are unforgettable; impress 100%; eliminate doubt.

Visitations are very significant. Very.

Need a reading? Book online at  Let’s get you to Better.

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