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Cut The Cords That Bind.

People lie, cheat, steal.

If you catch them in their lies, if you catch them in their cheating strategies, if you catch them with their hands in the cookie jar, they will:

  • retaliate

  • make you doubt what you saw

  • make you question what you know

  • stop you from owning proper discernment (block you from owning Truth)

That’s a liar for ya!

What do you do?       Cut The Cords That Bind.

Who Would Lie?! Oh, You’d BE Surprised!

When the people we like, love, care for go bad…..when people we have relationships with choose to demolish the proper ties we had in place….when things with others go South, we need to clear out those improper ties. These improper ties are, actually, cords.

About cords: you’ll find cords of gold, silver, black, white; sometimes the cords have color (for example, orange or blue or green or yellow, etc).

Cords are present between people. Between animals. Between people and animals. Between people and houses. Between people and land. Between people and things; animals and things. Between people and events (past, present, future, all lifetimes).

These cords require management and, naturally, disconnection.

In my private practice, I see cords: full spirit connectors between souls, houses, events, animals, things in all lifetimes.

Bad Negative Cords Create Chaos

Negative cords of attachment can be and should be removed. There’s nothing but upside when we remove negative cords. Negative cords of attachment own an assortment of energies and appearance.

Energetically, negative cords of attachment:

  • steal your power, energy, intelligence, health, good and proper plans. In some cases, your soul can be impacted negatively causing Soul to splinter, shatter and, literally, hide its splintered parts

  • own depth, girth, color and assorted levels of influence

  • own hooks. The hooks are end-to-end and attach in chakras and/or organs of body, causing illness, for example

  • rob you of good and proper soul contracts resulting in lack of success on a number of platforms

Removing negative cords allow your success stories to flourish. You heal. Your career moves forward. You move into far far better, far healthier relationships. Your mind, body and soul regenerate. You suddenly find yourself on the path that Higher Self and Creator intended.

Disconnecting improper ties or cords provide:

  • freedom

  • healing in your mind, body, soul

  • positive growth

  • new and better relationships (past, present, future; this lifetime; all lifetimes)

  • new and better success stories in business, career, creativity, innovation (and invention)

New Cords Infuse When removed, negative cords of attachment allow new improved cords of attachment to infuse and move into place. If you’re experiencing a rotten set of events with someone, removing negative cords of attachment is the first place to start towards better; towards what Soul and Higher Self have Contracted.

Cut. The. Ties. Say goodbye to the LCTY (Lying Cheating Thieving Yahoo) and then, say this as often as you need: “If I have any unfinished unmanaged business with _____________ (your LCTY),

please let these hidden accords be revealed to me NOW so that I clearly understand…..

and if there IS NO unfinished unmanaged business with ___________ (your LCTY)….

I ask that _________ (LCTY) be HARMONIOUSLY removed from my

energy fields and vibrations NOW……

Thank you, God!”

Say this as often as your angels and guides of 100% Divine Light compel; as often as you feel led to say it aloud and/or in your head.

You’ll be amazed at the proper shift and psychic protection that invoking this affirmation generates for you!If you need assistance, access my booking agent in and book a session with me.

Get Your Great Now!

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