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Zip It Up, My Dear Empath.

Do people label you sensitive? Good. That means you’re unique. That’s a good thing, you see.

Do you sense the energies of others? Do you sense the energies of animals? Some sensitives are aware of the feelings of plants, trees, fields of crops. A smart wonderful client who owns most of the clairs (clairvoyant capacities: i.e.: clairaudience, clairsentience, clairvoyance) told me, that driving to work one day, there came a crying sound. The windows were up on the car. Radio on. Air conditioner breezing inside. But the crying, bemoaning and lamentations were palpable. And then it appeared: a long trailer with fresh fallen timber. Trees. Crying trees. They had been cut down and were making their way to market through rush hour traffic. Trees are living breathing energies; each with a conscience.

So back to you, my friend, The Empath. You are aware of the energies of others (trees and fallen trees included here). I have clients who contact me in advance asking for advice on how to manage upcoming events wherein many people will gather and/or emotions will be palpable. A smart Empath asks for directives ahead of mixing in with masses of emotions and the people who whip them around…

Do this:

  • stand

  • bend over at your waist

  • stir up the “air” at your feet

  • “puff up” the air from around your feet and work the puffed up air up, up, up as you billow out the good energies from your feet upward

  • puff up the good energies up and out around you until you reach out in front of your nose (under your Third Eye)

  • here, lock the energies in place, under Third Eye/at Nose. Literally, turn the lock with a hand

  • there….you are safe and sound, My Good Empath

Look. I completely understand what empaths deal with on a daily basis. But the less knowledgeable sorts who cross our starry paths….they fail to understand what Empaths, Sensitives, The Gifted, The Lightworkers, Psychic Mediums, Clairvoyants deal with on a 24/7 basis.

We see and sense everything. And with accuracy. Our discernment is important and helps others.

Our gifts: unique and useful. Our Light: needed. We light the pathways for others. It is an assignment.

As a result, Empaths, you need to be equipped when venturing out into World. Guarding your energies, your gifted senses is wise and required. Without being properly equipped, Empaths are like sponges for unfettered emotional dirge and din. That’s not how managing energies works. You can become ill.

So, learn who your are, Empaths. Learn how to invoke mirrors, cloaking and psychic protection at all times. In practicing psychic protection principals, you protect yourself from intended and stray emotions of all sorts. If you do not, you risk the loss of Gift while allowing negative events to impale you. When negative sources rail, you are to block and remove your positive healing energies at once. Not all understand the power of grace, mercy and healing accords. But we do.

Empaths need to be wise about their gifts. Not all own a pathway to know what we know; not all have proper soul contracts in place to access and benefit from psychic Gifts. That’s all it is: a soul contract of access….or not.

Guard your skills and gifts fiercely. In so doing, you protect yourself but help others when it is a pre-scheduled assignment; as in soul contracts or a Universe-scheduled encounter.

Zip It Up, Empaths. Protect your Gifts from those who want your Light.

Any questions? Book with me online:

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