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You’re Terrible.

You’re terrible. You have to be.

Someone has shunned you. Alienated you. Ostracized you. Demonized you. They’ve gone Amish on you. They’ve compelled others to go Amish on you, too. Its a thing.

You still have no idea what you did, what you said, what you didn’t do, what you didn’t say. You’ve quizzed others in an attempt to gather information in the face of this estrangement. You’ve worked to configure the catalyst behind the shunning, the ostracization.

You still have no answers. No one has an answer. Everyone is confused about the nonsense of the shunning. Its purely nonsensical.

“If it doesn’t make sense, it’s usually not true.” – Judge Judy Sheindlin

A brilliant friend of mine said that such conduct is fueled by fear. I agree. Fear of the unknown.

After all, fear owns lack of knowledge. Lack of wanting to know.

Lazy thinkers fail to think things through. Instead, lazy thinkers choose to listen to people. Lazy thinkers parrot what others put into their ears.

Name something: wrong ideas, random theories, unjust accusations, convenient labels, character assassination…anything defamatory in order to “prove” their point and earn a lazy thinker’s vote of confidence.

Lazy thinkers fail to ask smart questions, seek truth or stand up for the person being wrongly targeted. In a word or two, this is what we call gossip and brainwashing. Don’t be that person.

People who alienate, people who ostracize and villainize a specific person….these people do these things because they cannot get a foothold into your armor. Why? Because there’s no chink in your armor. No vulnerability. No agenda. After all, you did nothing wrong. So…they craft division strategies.

Its In The Logic And Theory. If A then B = C

People have agendas.

Agendas are personalized value sets of variables: perceptions, influences, experiences, goals. It follows that IF people have agendas THEN agendas own bias or skew. THEREFORE people are skewed. I can attest. I know some Skewers.

People own skew in their critical thinking skills which impacts or impairs their decision-making skills.

It follows that in the scope of decision-making skills we find the skew in the results: inaccurate decisions.

Inaccurate Decisions: Propagate Mistakes.

So, if you are ostracized and shunned, which is a mistake, then it follows that there has been a shift in the vibrations that the the ostracizing person executed; a downward or negative shift owning downward spiraling negative vibrations. Your vibrations remain the same but the ostracizing person is operating in fear.

And in the scope of fear, lies have opportunity to manifest. Thus and so, a private personal skewed agenda is borne.

Know This.

Each person who leaves your life is a result of your soul contract system at work and opens up a space for a new person to enter your life who properly matches the new vibration you hold.

Own Knowledge. Own Truth.

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