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You Hypnotize Me. Wait. You Hypnotize You.

People say, “You can’t hypnotize me!”

And they’re right. True story.

Hypnosis is a partnership between Hypnotist and you; as a result, it is YOU participating in the hypnosis of YOU! How is it so? Because hypnosis is not mind control. You control hypnosis.

And the benefits of hypnosis are, essentially, properly limitless.

You and I….we cannot be hypnotized unless our Higher Self, Deepest Wisdom, Soul gives the green light.

And get this: under hypnosis, your morals become far more heightened creating inability for Hypnotist…any Hypnotist…to cause you to do anything wrong or immoral. In other words, all that horse puckey that you were told about Stage Hypnotism is exactly that: horse puckey.

You remember Sigmund Freud. For thirty years, Sigmund tried to compel hypnosis subjects to succumb to participating in degrading negative overtures. But his work in this area was unsuccessful because Higher Self disallows (protects) abject participation. In a nutshell, “it goes against the grain” of Soul.

Would you like to:

  • be much more self-confident (less ego; more proper confidence)

  • be able to give better public addresses at work, in the pulpit, at school, in the PTA meetings

  • own more abundance and prosperity

  • be more relaxed

  • have restored health

  • make pain a thing of the past

  • have a better relationship with your spouse.

Here. Try A Bit Of Self-Hypnosis…

“Life Supports Me Everyday In Every Way, Life Gets Better and Better.”

Take this prescription, by mouth, once in the morning and once in the evening. Do this for five days. Let me know how you’re doing! Take notice of how people treat you (better)! Take notice of how you manage confounding issues (better)! Things just get….Better!

Let’s Get You To Better! Book online at

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