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You. Crafted Perfection.

There’s a passage in the Bible that reads like this, “You are fearfully and wonderfully made” and it is so. When I’m in readings, it absolutely amazes me how God | Creator | Spirit | Universe crafted every living thing. Take humans, for example. YOU have loads and loads of protective layers in and around you. Layers of white light, gold light, name a hue from Rainbow, name a dominate color you love….most assuredly….that dominate color you love is deftly painted inside your energy grid.

Just as we are layered with loving healing light, these layers own energetic spaces. In these energetic spaces you’ll find chakras. Grab Your Abacus. All totaled, you will find about 455 chakras; the latter holding the major chakras 1 through 7 plus 8, 9, 10, 11, 12….and I believe through 18…then on up to 455.

Clearing out your chakras places them back in full clean clear operation. Let’s say a client has back issues. I’ll find your issues long before you meet me. I’ll see how and why those issues made their way to you and your back (backs have chakras, too). And I’ll quiz you about your back issues.

You’ll confirm what I see, be assured.

While I’m accessing energies, I find energetic swords, knives, needles, thick sharp pins and arrows deeply embedded in the chakras of a person. If you EVER thought that bad words, bad thoughts, bad evil strategies, malicious gossip, flippant careless phrases were harmless and just a game….YOU WERE DEAD WRONG. Your rotten words absolutely found their target and your rotten words absolutely caused the physical pain. After all, there are so many chiropractors in business these days that they are begging for more hours in a day to treat all the malaise of the body.

When I’m working, I’m using energy healing, Reiki healing and removing all those swords, knives, arrows, needles, thick sharp pins from the client. I even found a long sword in a heart chakra once. Sometimes the removal process is so amazing that you can hear the clanking of the heavy metal hitting the floor; the weight of each sharp terrible piece of metal gladly falling out of the client’s back….or being purged from the heart.

Here’s what you SHOULD know….when I remove those evil swords, knives, arrows, needles and sharp thick pins from the person that you targeted, the person that YOU said bad things about….the person who really did nothing to deserve any of these evil words, evil strategies, evil ideas that you launched at that person….when I remove those sharp old things, they have to go somewhere….and those nasty sharp things always return to their SENDER. What? You thought you’d get off Scot Free? Not. A. Chance. Buddy.

As a Reiki practitioner, I:

  • access energy fields

  • clear chakras

  • remove energetic blocks

  • remove entities

  • read past lives (as they present or I do readings for past lives; a super great way to fix issues in this lifetimes and see what assets we can bring from other lifetimes!)

  • clear and repair DNA and generational issues which:

  1. lead to better relationships

  2. better physical living (clearing rooted in issues)

  3. better emotional management (and clearing)

We can do anything to clear and repair, reconnect, reconstitute, evolve and resolve so that we can meet the proper soul contracts and live the way we should right now!!

Book at for your chakra reading and clearing!

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