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What Do YOU Want?

“Write It Down, Make It Happen: Knowing What You Want – And Getting It!” is written by the amazing Henriette Anne Klauser, PhD. If you are looking for better; seeking to launch great in your life; want to attract the right amazing awesome everything in your life, read Henriette’s book now.

Fresh off Henriette’s site (and properly linked, credited, quoted and presented), here’s a quick summary from “Write It Down, Make It Happen,”

Inspired by Henriette’s words back in the early 2000s, I incorporated Henriette’s theories. Here’s what has happened to me in the last ten plus plus years since launching into Henriette’s WOW (Words Of Wisdom):

  • married the absolute best man on the planet (Yes, I won the Husband Lottery, as my niece, Heidi, would profess…but then…Heidi says she won Husband Lottery, too….its a big contest between us….)

  • earned my MBA (I always knew I’d earn a Masters; just didn’t know it would be an MBA)

  • two successful businesses (and here you are at Lion Vine Grace aptly named by Spirit)

  • absolutely  E X P A N D E D  my breadth, width, girth of knowledge in business and management; project management; metaphysics; Reiki; hypnosis; and ever-spanning psychic platforms benefiting all who contact me

  • healed. And healed. And HEALED.

  • Got wiser (this has been a lifelong pursuit; a lifelong prayer; and “Wisdom hung round about my neck like a thick expensive necklace” has always been my fervent request….this intention has served me very well)

  • a growing gorgeous base of the WBC or World’s Best Clients here in the USA and around the world

  • a very appreciable and growing base of like minded gifted Light-workers from around the world. Literal. Ly.

  • the happiest healthiest most joyful home-base

  • an invaluable influx of the most talented and gifted people who cross my path every single day in business, education, as clients and as friends

Obviously, I could write loads more here about the benefits of hanging your hat on The WOW of Henriette Klauser. Her WOW have produced remarkable amazing profitable results.

Aside from what I’ve experienced invoking Henriette’s WOW, here are some actual results from my client base:

  • commercial and residential properties: sold and purchased for perfect pre-established price points

  • healings

  • businesses started

  • career advancement

  • ssuccessful career path switches

  • educational achievements

  • asset acquisitions

  • befitting and proper educational futures for children launched

In February 2010, I knew what I wanted in a husband. I wrote out a proper list of attributes and, to this day, I keep that paper with me….for eight years now!!

Here’s a portion of what I wrote (as a professional writer and editor AND a psychic medium, I see everything and write a ton! I have a lot to say! And it is important to be specific!).

I write down everything everything for my fantastic clients. For myself. For my husband, Mr. Awesome. For Mr. Awesome’s businesses. For our families. Friends. Clients. For….everyone and everything.

“The Man Who I Am Going To Meet and Marry Will…”

  • Love me and I will love him

  • Cherish me and I will cherish him

  • Treasure me (there’s a difference, says me, between “cherish” and “treasure”…plus…my WOW owned double coverage this way!!) and I will treasure him

  • Be Happy! Be Healthy!

  • Be Kind. Be Gorgeous. Be Loving. Be FUN!!!

  • BE TRUTHFUL (Note to you, my smart reader: TRUTH is compelling |  foundational |  protects….and only for 100% Divine Light Serious Souls. Anyone who is NOT truthful with you is fodder under your feet and will crumble and be chaff carried away with the wind. Don’t align with fodder and chaff.)Be Clever

  • Be Humorous (laughter is medicine to the soul and the bone. True that.)

  • Will protect me (a must)

  • Love animals and kids (because animals and kids are the BEST judge of character)

  • Make my heart thrill at the sight of him

  • Know how to replace light bulbs and then do it when a light bulb is out

  • Know how make money like me

  • Know how to laugh and have fun

  • That I am HIS…and that I am HIS from God’s Hand….and he will tell me (and he did and he does)That our relationship will own transparency, intelligence, growth, an unmovable foundation, unending support

…..And, let me tell you…..ALL of the foregoing and more happened and great continues to unfold for Mr. Awesome and me now….

And GREATER BETTER can happen for you, too.  In EVERY sector of your life, of your SO (Significant Other’s) life, your kids, their kids, your beloved pet, your company, your career, your future….even your past….yes….that is a thing, my friend.

Buy and open up Henriette’s book, “Write It Down, Make It Happen” and get ready for awesome to infuse in your world!

Have a question? Book online with me at

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