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Wake Up To Truth.

Truth. Sought by all. Earned by some.

In truth, we find freedom. We free ourselves from the dirge and din that the world throws at us when we own truth. You can take ownership of issues facing you when truth is your rudder.

The other day, a client asked me, “What is a fluke?”

“Its a falsehood,” I replied.

“Its also the tail of a whale,” Client returned.

“You’re right,” I deferred. “And whale’s fluke performs like a rudder on a ship directing the ship from Point A to Point B.” Client agreed and we continued the reading about why people whom we love, treasure, value and wish to help fail to engage their flukes and/or rudders. After all, be it a rudder or a fluke, either entity will return a true compass of direction.

So, what variable or obstacle would impede a rudder or fluke? False information. Or, less kindly said: a lie. A baldfaced Pinocchio-plied flat-out L I E.

People lie.

A dog, a horse, your cat….they don’t lie. They’ve no agenda. They own no skew. A dog: he’s only as good as his owner. Because owners are people.

And people lie.

Owning truth takes us right through troubled waters.

A liar: well, they must love to dog paddle in road apples.

Owning truth allows us to pass over the YTYKSs (Ya Think Ya Know Somebodies) and the GFNs

(Good For Nothings) who ply us with lies.

Owning truth allows us to make perfect decisions and enjoy life.

Owning truth wakes us up.

Set the date and time to own truth. Schedule a reading and let’s get to the truth.

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