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Unfinished Business After They Are Gone (Or If They’re Still Here).

I am a professional On Call Bridge Repair Expert. I help repair your bridges. You read that right.

I’m a psychic medium. I help you get to better. You and those whom you love. Here. Not here. Future Here (unborn; future good plans; forecasts; etc.).

I help all that.

Readings with a psychic medium provide insight, direction, assurances, healing.

Readings are very rewarding. They connect people. Connect animals. Connect ideas, reward, invention, innovation, assets, success, careers, businesses, markets, products, services.

Readings confirm. Readings point us in the right direction. Readings restore. Reboot. Renew. Regroup. Revive.

Readings meet needs. Readings manifest from Above. Readings are Spirit.

Readings promote, seal, protect, provide important information.

Readings rock your world. They rock mine. Every time. And I get to do alot of gorgeous fabulous readings for fantastic amazing people!!!

Every. Single. Reading. Is. Amazing.

Every. Single. Reading. Is. Unique. Exciting. Loaded with the stuff we think about everyday: love, peace, joy, restoration, healing, benefits untold, connections, aha moments, relief, success. After all, Creator (God, Spirit, Universe) invites YOU to be a part of Life of You at all times!! A reading owns communicative benefits for YOU!!

In my private practice, readings here at Lion Vine Grace provide scope between planes and dimensions; between souls, here and past life; between souls still here on Earth.

So. There was This Guy….

I sessioned a reading for a client. The Client’s deceased father showed up. He stated that he had been waiting….waiting…..waiting….on a bridge for two Earth years (he was a bit impatient, by this point, and who could blame the guy?) to share important information with Client.

The reading began…”Your dad has been waiting a long time to speak with you. He indicates that he’s been anticipating this meeting with you and has situated himself halfway…on a bridge. Here he waits on this white washed wood bridge. He’s waiting….there… the bridge apex; the mid-point. He’s waiting. Relaxed. But his wrist watch indicates that time is waning.” Dad on Bridge started to say something JUST when….

….as I conveyed the reading, Dad On Bridge tapped Index Finger to watch crystal. You have MY attention now…

Tick. Tock. But suddenly, a shift in landscape took place and….

……Client waved off the reading. “Not interested” which was a surprising interjection! A complete shut down took place. Client was shifted into an old useless clogged OS (operating system…its a thing in us) of hurt, pain, rejection, trauma, grief, loss, unresolved matters….and silence now sealed the deal.

“Oh right,” I remarked. “Well, he’s open to chatting with you and….,” I encouraged Client.

Client, now openly rejecting the surreal meeting, disengaged from the reading!

What happened? Trapped Trauma and Trapped Emotions happened.

Dad on Bridge stood his ground. Unmoved. Undettered. Dad knew something, of course, that Client did not: stay in the reading and let’s fix ALL of this wrongness between us now. We didn’t fix any of this wrongness on Earthly Plane then; but we can fix this now!

The energies remained active and hopeful with Dad On Bridge but Client had energetically closed up. The previous enthusiasm of connecting with Dad was suddenly switched off by Client.

After all, ripping off the crummy crumbly bandages just shows us what we knew was there all along: a deep dark swollen pitiful traumatic wound from Past.

Fear and Grief and Blame and Wishy Washiness and Mr. Distrust and Ms. Forlorn….they all showed up and waved their flag of victory on the field of Love.

Not right.

I offered Client a follow-up reading at another time. Client said neither “yes” nor “no.” Ambivalence and Wishy Washiness will hang a soul.

Just so you know….if you don’t get it right in this lifetime….or all your previous lifetimes….you just get to return and do it all over again….in hopes you WILL get it right….in the flipping future….just sayin’…..

So. Two Days Later….

….Dad On Bridge presented himself to me. This time, however, Dad was less patient.

He had moved, shifted away from the center of the bridge…and, as you might surmise….was headed back to The Other Side….away from Earthly plane and away from Client. Away from rejection.

The Wrist Watch now absent, Dad On Bridge clearly demonstrated intent of stepping off the threshold of the white washed wood bridge; its perfect construction and white picketed sides keeping Dad inside its humble but dependable space connected to Other Side.

I contacted Client and shared the update. “You see, your dad is waiting to communicate; has something to say. He’s. Still. Waiting.”

But Client indicated that there’d be no platform of communication that day…actually, never was WOC (word of choice); that what had been done on Earth had speared the heart. What was done, was done…..but….my friend….that is NOT a thing to leave in the Balance of Life.

Client feigned disinterest (I say that because I KNOW that Client WAS desiring Finished Business) and then replied that there was no reason in reconnecting with Dad on the white bridge.

A change of heart had taken place.

This, my friend, is called Unfinished Business and all that can happen at this point, in this lifetime…falls into Category One called Karmic Do Over….or, on a metaphysical labeling, Soul Contract. But a new or different Soul Contract enacts in another lifetime provided that, these two souls, for example, agree to launching one.

Dad On Bridge left this Earthly plane abruptly. His departure largely unscheduled leaving a wide wake of unmitigated grief for many including Client. Blame was seeking a place of rest in Wake of Grief. And Grief & Co. won out over a meeting on the whitewashed bridge.

Client, through clenched teeth, said, “I tried and tried to reason with him [while he was here]; tried to do all I could to fix things…” The short speech trailed off and Client turned away. Understandable. Trapped Trauma….well, it entombs a person.

Defeat is ugly. Defeat lives on long after Loved Ones exit if we don’t clear out the deep scars and wounds buried beneath living souls.

And. It does not matter Where you fix that Unfinished Business. This Earthly Plane, for example, has PLENTY of unfinished business with PLENTY of living souls ignoring completion of Soul Contracts. Alienation and estrangement, for example….unfinished business to the tenth power……

So. Back to The Bridge.

The next week I checked in Dad On Bridge.

Gone. Was. He.

And, to date….I’ve heard only once from Dad On Bridge. He stood at the bridge and turned his back.


What will happen? Most likely another lifetime will draw these two together. Roles may be reversed. Or. Maybe Dad on Bridge and Client will think up another set of interesting but testy dynamics wherein they can work off their Karmic Debt between one another….meet each other……halfway….on a white bridge.

Get on your bridge. Go to the middle. Call your Dearhearts to you….now….in Earthly Plane and Beyond. Fix it all.

Need help? I’m your Bridge Repair Expert. Book an appointment at and let’s get to good work.

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