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Two Sides To Every Story. Nope.

There are never two sides to every story. WHO ever said that…call me and bring your wits. You’ll need them.

There is one side to every story: the truth.

There are people who are in bondage. When people are in bondage, they have chosen to walk a path of untruth. Place no confidence in such people. They. Are. Liars. They chose this business of lying.

There are people who navigate in victim strategies. Restrain yourself from plying them with sympathy. These people chose to walk in untruths, in lies.

There are people who are in bondage to disempowerment. After all, to be a successful liar, you must be in bondage to your victim strategies which, ultimately, disempower you.

Do you see how it works?

Bondage: strategies of lies about others and you

Victimhood: deployment of unfounded pity strategies set to lure; entrap; steal from you Disempowerment: the ultimate fate of the liar

There are two sides….to a coin.

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