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Things That Go Bump In The Night.

Clients contact me about inexplicable things going on in their houses; around their properties; at their offices; and share information about odd events subjecting their pets or children under unproductive and unhappy results.

“Like what?” you ask. How about:

* Being grabbed on your arm or struck on your back with no one around you

* Your name is called but….you’re alone

* Your name is called, you’re not alone and no one called your name

* Its so warm in the house but its always cold in that one room

* Its cool in the basement. Its never been freezing in the basement with a sudden drop in the temperature, a cold cold breeze that you can hear as it blows your hair ever so slightly….and then the growl……

* That one closet, that one room, that basement staircase holding inexplicable feeling causing you to repel…even the dog won’t go in there….

* You saw red eyes in the dark and buried yourself under the blankets

* You saw red eyes in the dark, turned on the light and no one was there

* You turned off the lamp next to your bed, snuggled down under the blankets and bam! you heard the lampshade smacked….only to find it halfway bent off its base when you turn the light on

* You snug in bed when you look up over your tidy blankets and see the mattresses taking on the impressions of a person crawling towards you

* You saw a person stride through your hallway and into the living room and watched him walk straight through the wall

* You saw a kid look you straight in the face as he walked through your living room

* You are remodeling the house. Now, you hear chains rattling day and night since work started* You hear finger taps on your ceiling. Tap. Tap. Tap. Scratch. You return fire: flipping the bird. Understandable

* You smell cigarette smoke but you don’t smoke…and you’re alone for miles

* You heard whistling outside your house but the whistling follows you no matter where you walk away from it in the house without losing volume….not right

* Your dog, repeatedly, chases after something from one end of the house to the other and the pattern is the same: laundry room-kitchen-hallway-into the living room wall. It. Happens. Everyday

* The cat seems fine with everything….bad people are drawn to your house. They. Just. Show. Up.

* The doorbell rings but no one is ever there

* The doorbell rings but its disconnected

* The doorbell rings at 1:30 am. Every night. Its still disconnected

* An old bathtub plug drops out of thin air right in between to you and your spouse as you talk about the upcoming day. The ceiling is completely intact

* You and others trip up the staircase. Occasionally you and others fall down the staircase. Often

* You heard running footsteps overhead while you talked to your spouse.

* You and a new electrician are discussing an estimate when you both hear heavy boots clomping about on your porch. No one is there. The electrician says he has to go but promises to return. You never see Electrician again

* Heavy boots on porch. Again. And again. And…you are working on your laptop when the handle on the backdoor shakes violently as if someone is working hard to get in the house. Looking out the window, no one is there. The dogs are palled. The cat never woke up

* You saw an orb

* You saw many many orbs (and, no, they were not dust particles nor insects)you saw an orb the size of a beach ball. It. Was. Big. It. Changed. Directions. It. Changed. Speed.

* You and your family heard someone in the kitchen washing dishes, cutlery and glassware at 3:00 am but no one is in the kitchen when you all wake up to check

*You were choked…in your sleep. Repeatedly. Over a number of years.

* You were attacked…in your sleep. Occasionally. Over a number of years.

* You were choked in your sleep and screamed out only to hear running footsteps overhead

* You heard the piano play an intricate strident piece for twenty seconds with no one home but yourself and the dog. The dog doesn’t play the piano.

* When you pray, something taps on your shoulder. You hate that.

* When you pray, something grabs your ankle. Hard. You hate that.

* You bought a restored sports car but you never drive it because you literally feel someone crowding you in the driver’s seat. Always.

* You heard and felt something ram your house at 3:00 am but nothing was outside the house. You thought you’d find a bull elk. You did not.

* You saw an angel.

* You saw Jesus.

* You saw the UFO.

*You saw an alien.

* I have met people who have seen Big Foot.

These things happen.

Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

As for angels, Jesus, UFOs and aliens…I believe you.

I confirmed it. You saw it. It is confirmed.

These. Things. Happen.

What do we do in this matters?

.Clear your house.

Cleanse that fifty year old office building you leased.

Grid the used car you bought.

Clear out the negative energies in that antique cabinet and upright piano you just had to have.

Clear that book on dreams you bought in the yard sale

These things we can clear up right away.

Book a reading at

Have Better. Own Greater. -Ness

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