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That Four Letter Word: Grief.

Grief. What good is it? I mean really.

Grief truly is the cumulative effect of lifetimes and lifetimes of negative emotions on steroids.

Grief creeps about. It attacks when our armor is off. It crashes our castle gates.

Grief is like a Mack truck crushing your heart. And that truck backs up and rams your heart again.

And again.

Grief is like all the air sucked out of the earth leaving nothing to sustain you.

Grief robs. Is unwanted. It hides us. It steals light. It blocks us from better.

Grief is the bottom of the pit. Its hell’s wallpaper.

Grief. Stops. Us. From. Living.

Grief, if left unmanaged, will roll you in the ditch, sit on you, squeeze the life out of you, mock you and then roll you, again. Grief, if left to its devices, will drag a person (or an animal, a pet) down into its craggy jaws and unrelentingly gnash us.

Grief knows no end. It doesn’t teach lessons well.

Grief will make us say aloud, “leave me be.” Grief compels us to ask “why” and “how” and “where is the escape hatch” from this thing called Grief.

We will ask ourselves (or a trusted Soul) what we need to shift; to heal. Why we hurt; how we to this level of degradation and pain; how that pain crept into our worlds; or just how much more suffering and loss can we take…..but always always asking “what can I do to have better now….?”

Grief is what I call a Storm Contract. Why would we schedule Storm Contracts into our lives? Will you read beyond this sentence? Because, really, WHO does that? Scheduling something like a storm into our lives to do what for us? How’s that helpful? And yet….Storm Contracts exist and here we are dealing with Grief & Co.

If you decided to continue reading to….here….then here I am waiting to assist you in getting rid of grief and helping you manage this Storm Contract right out of your life now.

Grief comes in all shapes and sizes. It comes in unmeasured allotments. It can stay for a few weeks. It can drag on for years and years. But you and I can demolish Grief. I’ve done it. I can help.

No matter what, grief, if left unchecked, will destroy a perfectly good person (including pets or animals; even trees and plants grieve….even water grieves).

Grief, like all negative aspects, attracts more of itself. After all, like attracts like. The more grief….the more grief. Pretty simple here.

If grief is allowed to continue, then we will not meet other Soul Contracts. And you can count on more unscheduled Storm Contracts rearing their heads and less of yourself, less of your soul being present to take Storm Contracts with much success.

Here’s something: never ever ever heed a directive from anyone when you hear, “Move on.” That’s

JUST not possible. THAT’S not a thing! To “move on” is not possible when “back there” has not received a PIN in its dirty bubble! You must deal with “back there” and all its blech and its deception and its fault lines before “move on” can take place. I do not know who whipped up that empty phrase, “move on” or its equally empty cousin, “I’ve moved on”….but, listen here….that’s like driving a car with four flat tires. Not a possibility. Not a thing.

Not. Going. To. Happen.

No such thing as “move on” from anything including grief.

But…removing Grief & Co. …and removing ALL of its nefarious attachments….and eradicating ALL of its hidden negative nefarious tripped up extensions is exactly HOW Grief is extracted; its how Grief gets ITS walking papers. And its how YOU own FAR FAR BETTER….

Do you want to be healed?

Do you want to own better?

Do you want to have that career, that successful business, that successful marriage, that successful academic start?

Do you want to go to sleep at night and sleep ALL night…happily, fitfully? Do you want better health?

Do you want to be whole?

You do.

Let’s give Grief the boot. Now that’s a thing.

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