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Soul! Paging…Whole Soul. Please Call the House Line….

As it is with Body, so it is with Soul.

Our souls are energy. Soul: is our life force. Our bodies house our souls.

What impacts us, our bodies, our hearts, our minds, our energy fields…..impacts our souls.

There are times that our bodies take on harm. A car accident. Surgery. A debilitating fall resulting in physical impairment. Strokes. Heart attacks. Cancer or an equally shocking negative diagnosis.

It follows that there are times when our souls take on the trauma.The loss of someone we love. The loss of a beloved pet. A financial or career setback. Parental (or Grandparent) alienation and estrangement.

Surgery, for example. Surgery often requires taking the patient to the ‘brink of death’ with anesthesia, sometimes, resulting in trauma to the soul.

Events of fear and terror and strongly reacting with confirmation of being scared…these events tear at the soul and fracture Soul. Anything that rattles the Soul, shakes us to our core….these are things, events that create Soul Loss in a person.

Animals experience soul loss, as well. A dog, for example, kicked out of a moving vehicle into a road ditch by its human owner will trigger severe soul loss in that faithful but rejected animal; his soul now shattered and fractured.

Yes…understand that animals (as well as trees, crops in a field, plants) have souls. Never say otherwise.

Here’s another example: Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) reaches beyond the evil that soldiers face on a battlefield. PTSD shatters a soul. Literally. PTSD can impact anyone anywhere; not just on an official battlefield (this includes above, in the skies, as you know).PTSD and any traumatic impact to physical and psychological bodies, finds its way into the souls of anyone who have been:

  • under vicious libelous attack

  • in an unfair argument

  • in a brutal physical fight targeted in a bullying event

  • in an abusive relationship

  • a recipient of debilitating shocking news

  • the brunt of a lie

  • made a convenient scapegoat

  • rendered unfairly powerless

  • pillaged of respect and/or asset (i.e.: rape, fraud, alienation, estrangement, theft, threats, betrayal, loss of any kind, etc.)

  • divorced

  • in a near death experience

  • in any major life change rejected.

The list, sadly, is unending.

What shatters us in any way, shatters and fragments the soul.

Just as the body, the heart, the mind, our flesh requires healing, so it is with Soul.

Here’s something interesting about Soul: the Soul will splinter, literally, fracture…..and hide….yes, hide its flints and spits of itself. You should ask, “Where do the splinters and fractures of Soul go to hide?” Miraculously, in Other Places; Nether worlds. The Ether. Truly.

In fragmenting itself, your soul saves itself. After all, this lifetime wherein you read this brief article about Soul Loss is but one life. You have many lifetimes. And there are parallel universe(s) wherein parallel lives/living is taking place right now…..

The fragmented bits of Soul parts, literally, leave its Person (Body) and depart the unfavorable environment in order to preserve itself. It is a future forward-looking act on part(s) of Soul. This purpose is hide until, literally, these fragments are called back. This is where Shamanism or calling in a Shaman or an Energy Healer works to call back your soul. Its a thing, you see.

So, back to Soul Loss and Soul Fragmenting; a literal means of Soul Survival Skills, your soul, when under duress and fear and loss will splinter and leave your body. This is where and when, on a metaphysical level, we witness:

  • Depression

  • Being taken for granted

  • Panic attacks,

  • Helplessness,

  • Hopelessness,

  • Heartache, Grief,

  • Love unreceived,

  • Anger Bitterness,

  • Resentment,

  • Dread, Horror,

  • Indecisiveness,

  • Shock,

  • Lack of self-esteem,

  • Lust,

  • Unrequited love,

  • Being overwhelmed (notice I didn’t state “FEELING” overwhelmed)

  • Stubbornness

  • Insecurity

…and on and on this list can grow because, in the scope of readings, I have seen these encapsulated traumas and more….

Do you see how the presence of even one of these heinous arrows and swords splice Soul? No wonder our Souls are so wise: they exit in order to survive and wait to return. We embark in restoring the soul while here in our living breathing operation Bodies. The promotion of healing and restoration is found in energy readings and healing thereby making room for healthier accords for Soul to Be Whole.

When Soul is Whole, depression has no place to live; lust disappears; shock exits; insecurity is a freed; stress has no room to thrive; alienation is a past thing. A Whole Soul is health and wealth.

Fragments of Soul can be found and returned.

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