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Soul Contracts.

What are your soul contracts? Oh right. You’re asking…..”What IS a Soul Contract?!”

Your Soul Contract(s) are energies that help you master lesson(s) with which you struggle.

However, for those who are still interested in Soul Contracts, here is compilation.

Soul Contracts:

  1. manifest before incarnation (birth) per lifetime

  2. shift and move between your lifetimes

  3. create agreements between souls (for example, one-on-one as in business partnerships or romantic partnerships or between countries, as in treaties, or between siblings or with a pet, boss, teacher, friend, grandparent or parent…good or bad…..)…still with me here?

  4. own certain circumstances, involve certain people, things, places, “learning curves” which culminate for you in order that you would learn lessons

  5. are for your soul’s highest good

Your Soul knows:

  1. what lessons it has learned (past lifetimes, all universes)

  2. that more lessons are scheduled to be learned and mastered

  3. that everyone we meet is not happenstance but consequential to the Soul Contract

Soul Contracts will:

  1. not always have the same people (other souls) involved with you

  2. some people (souls) will stay; others will leave (not surprised, are you?)

  3. if people stay or if people leave, the actions by these souls are for your greatest good in the soul contract you created WITH these sorts before incarnation

Each person/soul who leaves your life is “soul system work.”

Each person/soul who leaves your life opens up space for a new person/soul who properly matches the new vibration you hold.

Things change. People change. Events evolve. People grow. Or not.

If you’re here and reading this….you are evolving, growing, waking up, owning truth. Proud of you.

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