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Everything here: public knowledge. Open your mind, research. Stop fumbling with the matrix.

For two years, I've talked about Quantum Finance. Forget anyone who calls it ethereal or other monikers, its Quantum Finance. Unhackable Supercomputer.

Forget Bitcoin. Hackable blockchain. Propped up with inflated, skewed algorithms.

Forget central banks. Forget The Federal Reserve. The SWIFT system and SIPs: failed. Not working.

Tell Soros, Black Sun, Blackrock, Blackeverything and its cohorts, Carlyle Group, goodbye.




Robbers and opportunists and their cabal and secret societies of hell.

Because if you or someone you know is part of all that, good luck. Carlyle Group owns Dominion Voting Systems and a cache of databases...all ready for the trash.

NESARA/GESARA (quantum finance): replacing "traditional" illegal IRS, income tax. Coming: Flat tax of 17%.

NESARA: National Economic Security and Recovery Act

GESARA: Global Economic Security and Reformation Act

The CCCP: gone. Russia: announced days ago by Putin that their country has gone quantum finance.

Why are you just now learning about NESARA/GESARA? It is because of the cabal Bush family and 43 quashing its proper place for all walks of life.

NESARA/GESARA: gold backed.

Quantum Internet: here. Superior to "high speed Internet."

Quantum Healing: here. The Med Bed. The Med Bed is used to help "the children." The DUMBS: history.

You are about to have great. I've said so for years.

For years, the readings here at FullSoulReadings have revealed truth, accurate forecasts and good news for all who ask for readings.

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