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Updated: Feb 23, 2022

*owns Dominion Voting Systems

*Soros bankrolled


*owns most databases used by governments, law enforcement; defiles, defaces, obstrifucates, false flags, intentionally confuses data entries to defame/defile citizens, companies, market values

*owns meat packing


*sells out small unassuming towns, villages, hamlets, enclaves, trailer parks; undercuts the poor

*owns ClaytonHomes

*owns real estate to house its skewed databases including servers plus its DominionVotingSystems

*supported Bush 41,43 before/during/after 911

*41GeoHWBush: born in Germany to high ranking ThirdReich German officer, GeoHScherf (OperationPaperclip); passed off as fake offspring to complicit Bush family

In addition, Digital Reasoning’s current President and co-CEO is a former Goldman Sachs banker and member of the controversial Carlyle Group. The Carlyle Group, which has deep ties to the Bush family, is the current owner of Landmark Aviation, which was also a key part of the CIA’s extrajudicial rendition and torture program. Landmark also took over operations from CIA-linked Southern Air Transport at the controversial Ohio airport linked to Leslie Wexner and Jeffrey Epstein, with that airport allegedly being a factor behind Columbus, Ohio’s status as one of the country’s main child trafficking “hot spots.” (ERA OF LIGHT, 2020.)

100% accurate readings


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