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Updated: Feb 25, 2022

  • All readings returned 100% results of NO to investing in cryptocurrencies, BITCOIN

  • BITCOIN IS CABAL, satanic, money laundering for child/human trafficking

  • no matter what: its blockchain has always had multiple backdoors, is 100% hackable.

  • intel proven: big tech shied away from crypto, bitcoin long ago but makes its currency visible to keep people interested in their paywalls, their tech. Don’t participate.

  • The Soros Fund owns Bitcoin, which is the Deep State currency for Child Sex and Human Trafficking, Drug and weapon trade and payment for evil deeds.

WAKE UP. These are evil strategies. Soros bankrolls nefarious companies: CARLYLE GROUP which is 100% evil and created by NAZI (public knowedge) born “George HWBush” (41) and his spermed-spawned Crime Family including George Bush (43); both KNOWN PROVEN pedophiles, killers, warmongers, liars, cheats, thieves. 41’s biological sperm donor killed Tesla, stole the 6000 lifesaving patents.

** dismantle CarlyleGroup and every single one of its payrolled employees, affiliates, shareholders, co-creators/founders of Carlyle Group. They steal what you have....CARLYLE GROUP is 100% criminal.



Research Lexington, Nebraska Now you know...

100% Accurate Readings

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***bitcoin*** Sell now.

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