Updated: Feb 25

  • All readings returned 100% results of NO to investing in cryptocurrencies, BITCOIN

  • BITCOIN IS CABAL, satanic, money laundering for child/human trafficking

  • no matter what: its blockchain has always had multiple backdoors, is 100% hackable.

  • intel proven: big tech shied away from crypto, bitcoin long ago but makes its currency visible to keep people interested in their paywalls, their tech. Don’t participate.

  • The Soros Fund owns Bitcoin, which is the Deep State currency for Child Sex and Human Trafficking, Drug and weapon trade and payment for evil deeds. https://www.cnbc.com/2021/10/07/george-soros-fund-owns-bitcoin-ceo-confirms.html

WAKE UP. These are evil strategies. Soros bankrolls nefarious companies: CARLYLE GROUP which is 100% evil and created by NAZI (public knowedge) born “George HWBush” (41) and his spermed-spawned Crime Family including George Bush (43); both KNOWN PROVEN pedophiles, killers, warmongers, liars, cheats, thieves. 41’s biological sperm donor killed Tesla, stole the 6000 lifesaving patents.

** dismantle CarlyleGroup and every single one of its payrolled employees, affiliates, shareholders, co-creators/founders of Carlyle Group. They steal what you have....CARLYLE GROUP is 100% criminal.




Research Lexington, Nebraska Now you know...

100% Accurate Readings

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