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Ongkanon. Angel of Communication.

Connect. Communicate. Network.

Whether it be for a better business; relationship with your kids, your spouse, your employees, your boss, your parents….call on Ongkanon for help.

Ask Ongkanon to assist you in your quest for truth. Ask Ongkanon to unveil truth and to connect you with your Eternal (Higher) Self.

Ongkanon assists you in communicatons. What’s your job? To be alert for insights into your intuitions. Herein you learn lessons in relationship with others (including work, career, family, marriage, opportunities, markets, politics, etc.).

Ongkanon: aids you in the levels and layers of emotions. Yeah. Those annoying things we call emotions. If you ignore emotions, you ignore truth; you ignore yourself and others connected to you: past   present    future    all    lifetimes    all    universe(s). Emotions are in place to get our attention. But you knew that…

So when we pay attention to Ongkanon, you will own enhanced communications. You will seek ways to understand differentiations in communications with co-workers, employees, businesses, family members, friends, acquaintances even subjects that confound you (i.e.: statistics, learning a foreign language, macroeconomics… get the picture).

Want a better relationship with your kid? Do this:

  1. Call on Ongkanon. Just say “Ongkanon, come help me. I ask for the good all concerned to own benevolence in the scope of this matter.”

  2. Get a piece of paper and write a letter to the Guardian Angel of your kid.

  3. Write to the Guardian Angel of your kid about what troubles you in the relationship and/or what or whom has been tacit to, for example, the alienation and estrangement you’ve experienced with your kid.

  4. Get ready for better. Watch for signs of answered questions, directives.

  5. Monitor your thoughts as your thoughts will exchange insecurities for productive thoughts, strategies of reunion, enlightenment…..truth.

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