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Narcissists Belong on Planet Uranus.

Know this: if you’re in a relationship with a narcissist, you are in for a hapless hopeless insane ride.

Know THIS: that IF you’re in a relationship with a narcissist, that you will NEVER have a future nor will you experience any of the following:  love, fun, joy, reward, love, return on your investment on any level, sanity, love, rest, peace, love, ease, expectancy, love, familiarity, thrill.

Narcissists are needy, stupid, joyless liars. That’s it.

Their brains are loaded with skew. There is no therapy ANYWHERE to unscrew their screwed up so-called brains.

Narcissism cultivates alienation and estrangement strategies between people; parents and children; grandparents and grandchildren; employees, shareholders, stakeholders, vendors, cultures and the list goes on and on.

Narcissism cultivates voyeurs. Adulterers. Thieves. Evil strategists. Name an illegal idea or occupation. You’ll find a narcissist squarely installed.

Narcissists. Are. Liars.

If you’re with a narcissist, drop the reins and run. You can thank me now.

To say that narcissism is on the rise….that would be an understatement. Narcissism: it is here.

And its big and stupid and stupidly proud.

Narcissists are fantastic at creating Alienation. Well, gee. “Alien” is the preDATORY beginning to Alienation. And so it is with the narcissistically-generated strategies of alienation and estrangement;  byproducts of Narcissists’ unskilled illogical thought processes….illogically crafted  from the degraded magical thinking “skills” of your resident narcissist.

Narcissists target individuals who are easy prey. Nice normal people. Oftentimes, these nice normal people are smart people, too. Logical. Fair. Equitable. Honest people. And the Beginning-

Of-The-End of The Already Failed Relationship between Narcissist and Prey when Narcissist:tracks attracts and lures traps imprisons and then the vampirism begins, Narcissist on its Prey (that nice normal logical fair equitable honest person).

Beware: if/when you (Prey) fail to obey the Narcissist’s every want and whim. And those who fail Narcissist are quickly caught up in oppressively insane and wildly illogical sick problems. For. A.

Long. Time.

You’ll witness Narcissist wailing “I’m a victim!” and, suddenly, everybody within earshot and text goes into empathy mode….for Narcissist. After all, the narcissist has learned that these sympathy-fetching cries produce long term reward. Their risk: very very minimal. After all, Narcissism is:

Unrecognized by the APA (American Psychiatric Association); therefore unfettered by law(s) or guidelines because the APA chooses not to recognize this socially-backward but rewarded personality disorder; thereby making narcissism a culturally and judicially rewarded disorder.

Look around your world. Read the news. You will easily identify three insane events, in the news alone, that give license to narcissism. Listen to some stories of friends or family wherein you’re driven to say aloud, “That’s insane” but be aware that a narcissist is involved in the melee.

A divorce involving children from a union with a narcissist will result in the painful stupid event, Parental Alienation (PA) and its symptom(s) or Parental Alienation Syndrome (PAS). The narcissist will find ways to create trouble and doubt (lies…just pure lies) thereby wresting control from a simple divorce procedure into a costly legal battle over property, money and, if you’re really unlucky….children.

As a result, the narcissist predictably targets the non-narcissistic (or NORMAL) parent thereby creating the staged outcome: unethical unwarranted estrangement strategies resulting in driving a fiercely deep cavern between the loving normal parent and child.

If you ever thought insanity was just a word in the dictionary, meet your assigned narcissist and get ready for a lifetime of stupid insanity. If you’re in a relationship with a narcissist, get out.

Get. Out.

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