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Have Better. The End.

Don’t listen to the poor opinions of others. That’s not a thing that has a good ending. Poor = Negative.

Bad People love to see others fail. Its their MO (modus operandi) for getting through their choppy icky thing called Lousy Life. Don’t help people who don’t add to you; who don’t augment and nurture Your Life; who lie and steal from you; who suck YOUR good energies in order to feel better about their Sorry Selves.

That’s not a thing, you see, to prop up the lives of others who are too ignorant, too debased, too negative…and while I’m at it…TOO EVIL AND TOO NEFARIOUS TO BE A PART OF YOUR AWESOMENESS.

Put a giant stop sign on this life sucking relationship and get back YOUR life.

-Gary Larson (circa 1980-87).

Thoughts Own Frequency. Thoughts Are Energy.

So, the thoughts that stir and spin in The Bean Holding Your Grey Matter are energy.

You think well of yourself. Yes? If not, call me. Let’s fix this.

But sometimes those meh blah old useless repetitive soundtracks in The Bean Holding Your Grey Matter really need to be dismissed.

Ill Thoughts. Bad Behavior. Let Go. Extinguish.

If you don’t craft an exit plan for these useless unproductive negative thoughts, their energies will build and quash a good and promising future.After all, you didn’t create these thoughts; but you did allow interfering negative energies (i.e.: words propagated by people; taking in nefarious genres; allowing doubt, confusion, fury to dominate critical thinking skills; exercising co-dependency in flagging unscrupulous relationships; allowing lies to lead and dominate you; etc.) to access your energy fields, to ultimately cross into your dominate chakras resulting in derailment of a rewarding proper life.

Don’t Do That Any Longer.

Know this: a positive thought is ONE HUNDRED TIMES more effective than a negative thought. It follows that that Just One Positive Thought performs as healing serum to You and to Your World and Your Future.

Here’s a question: WHY IN THE WORLD do you HAVE to be with “that person” who is obviously filling your head with untruths about YOURSELF?

Answer: you simply do NOT have to be with That Person. You can exit that ridiculous ineffective relationship NOW! After all, That Person is with you because HE/SHE needs you; not the other way around, My Friend.

Every Measurement Of Time CREATES Your Future Right NOW.

Thoughts cause feelings. Emotions. So, if you’re going to have a thought, make it a positive thought. And then make another positive thought. And then string more positive thoughts together. Boom Boom Boom.

Now. Know. THIS.

Positive Thought + Positive Thought + Positive Thought = Higher VibrationAnd thus so, you augment….heighten your energetic signature….your vibration. As a result, you’ll pulsate yourself out of the grip of That Person and upward into the angelic realm of Far Better Person(s).

So, if you’re still “with” That Person who, obviously, is stealing your good energies, your good future, your greatness, you erroneously THINK you have no way out but to be consigned to the THOUGHT that you have to continue relationship with That Person.

You do not.

Changing Vibrations results from Changing Thought Patterns which is, my good friend, Signature of Quantum Physics.

So, take the leap of faith and Quantum Leap to Better.

Let’s fix this. Book your session at

Know Better. Have Better. –Ness

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