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Grief. Blocks. Get Rid of Grief.

“Grief is neither a problem to be solved nor a problem to be overcome. It is a sacred expression of love….a sacred sorrow.” – Dr. Gerald May, MD.

Hmmmm…..Hmmmmmm…..thinking thinking….not so much, says Me.

“Loss is not the enemy. Not facing its existence is. Loss is the fuse that triggered the bomb. The loss has irretrievably passed – and now comes the process of dealing with the crater that’s left.” – Dr. H. Norman Wright

Hmmmmm….Norm gets it right on the crater part…..still…..not so much, says Me.

Grief shatters Soul. The Soul is energy. Soul is your Engine. It drives your life.

The Soul, when left unmanaged in heinous wake of Grief, causes Soul to languish, to lean out. Leanness of Soul is composed of disassociated parts (shattered parts that, literally, hide).

If Soul is not healed, if Soul is not gathered up, again, the soul dissipates. Of. Course.

Soul will pass away. It will die within.

Grief is fear, anger, lashing out or rage, sarcasm, blaming strategies, loss of faith. Grief compels us to hide ourselves from further attack, further loss, further…..grief!

Here’s something Katherine Kubler-Ross charts in the cycle of grief (see graph below). Kubler-Ross charts out stages of trapped trauma(s): denial, anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance. You do NOT have to BE in this chart!

My advice is not to participate in any of these stages but to participate in clearing off these trapped traumas. This is real, I tell you. You can clear off the trapped trauma of grief and all its sordid charted minions.

You see the lowest stage of “bargaining”….don’t get to that point. Ever.

Before bargaining…..before any of these stages, you contact me; we clear these traumas from you, from your bloodline, from past life times, from generations and generations that have suffered through these staggering degrading traumas…..we clear it, you heal. It is that simple. And everybody and every animal, every house, every piece of land, every tree, every event….deserves to be healed.

Grief is stupid. You can tell me all day long that grief is a process; a means to a healing end. That’s balderdash. That’s backward. That’s unproductive.

Be smart. Get cleared from all of this grieving nonsense.

Clearing these potent negative energies and debilitating trapped traumas gives grief and its cycle (and don’t forget that “cycle” is a hamster wheel….get off the GHW….the Grief Hamster Wheel) of doom.

Get Clear. Get Back Into Life. Have Better Now.

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