Get To The Truth

Want the absolute truth? Muscle test. Here’s muscle testing 101:

  1. Hydrate a bit. Drink some water.

  2. Stand and face North.

  3. Now, we set the benchmark (as in our point of reference; the median used in statistics). Ready? See next step because this question is Best Example of setting your benchmark in muscle testing.

  4. Say, “I ask my deepest wisdom, down to the molecular and cellular level, my name is ______________.” 

  5. Which way did you sway? Forward or backward?

  6. Forward = Yes     Backward = No

  7. If you stated your actual name (truth), you will have swayed forward indicating “yes.”

  8. Now say, “I ask my deepest wisdom, down to the molecular and cellular level, my name is Johan Humperdinckel (or some name that truly is not your name).

  9. What happened? Which way did you sway this time using a fake namesake? You should have swayed backward indicating “no.”

What are we accomplishing in this session? We are demonstrating that our deepest wisdom, our highest self knows 100% Divine Light Truth. We are establishing a benchmark for truth.

Now, do this: ask your deepest wisdom something wherein you seek truth about a matter, a person, a purchase or selection of some sort. Your deepest wisdom or higher self will return accuracy.

Try making the best cantaloupe selection in the produce selection by invoking muscle testing. You’ll be pleasantly surprised.

We all want truth; we want accuracy. In seeking same, we save time, money, pain, loss. Trust your gut. Trust muscle testing.

There are other ways to muscle test, as well. Stay tuned.

Blessings, Nessa

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