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Galactic Energies on Earthly Plane: Aliens & UFOs (and Sasquatch)WHAT IS IT?T

Updated: Jun 12, 2019

The photograph shown above was taken by me, Vanessa Orr MBA, on November 9,  2016 while the world awaited Hillary Clinton’s concession speech pursuant to having lost to now-President Trump. Like others, I tuned in because I was interested in what Mrs. Clinton wanted to share that day.

However, I surely received an eyeful when the figure or alien was discovered in the back of the room as the news feed camera panned the room. I took my iPhone and took this photograph that you see above.

To this day, it amazes me how I am the only person who saw (or, at least, shared photographic proof) this alien. After all, I saw exactly what everyone else saw on a worldwide news feed.

As the world patiently waited for the speech to begin, the camera panned on this “figure,” this alien for about forty-five long seconds; zooming in and back out for a look through camera lens! I was saying to myself, “What IS that?! Why is no one commenting about what we ALL see in the back of this room?”

But look for yourself at the figure under the “scarf.” This figure was in the back of the room with many others yet no one seems to take notice of It.

I was awed and wondered how no one took notice of, well, this alien.

There is a video on which includes the same “what IS it??” sensation and response to this photograph.

You’ve heard it before, “we are not alone.” And so it is with my radio show, Full Soul Readings with Vanessa Orr MBA on with Nicole Whitney.

My radio show, Full Soul Readings with Vanessa Orr, MBA can be heard on on Thursdays (2PM CST/12 Noon PST) and here on my site,

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