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Dying. Fiercely overwhelming to witness. Terrifying for souls looking into its face…Dying.

These things we label “bodies” perform as vehicles for our souls to navigate here on Earth. As we know, bodies, like vehicles, require maintenance. So don’t judge anyone for their maintenance.

They made certain choices to repair, upgrade and maintain their “vehicle” just like we repair, upgrade and maintain a car or truck.

In the scope of bodily maintenance we have to manage aging, illness and accidents. That’s the short list of what Body carrying Soul has to mess with here on Earth.

At some point in our Soul Contracts, we have input accords for dying. Sudden death. Long suffering ending in death. Shocking events leading up to death as in fighting in war, experiencing murder or being involved in an accident. These are soul contracts owning the circumstances staged to manifest the end of a life.

Oftentimes, I am contacted to read the transition of a loved one who is in hospice or who has recently passed away. Hospice clients (or patients) rather know that this is a roughly hew definition of last stop on Earthly Plane.

As a hospice client enters transition of dying towards death, a number of events take place. For example, readings reveal that souls on the other side of the veil (passed on friends, family members, acquaintances, Jesus, Arch Angel Michael or any angels….and…..demons or other negative sorts) visit Hospice Client. If you have a family member who suffers from Alzheimer’s or dementia, they actually have one foot, so to speak, out the door and off the planet. They are here but they are energetically pointed towards Elsewhere.

As a result, Hospice Client, Dementia Patient and Alzheimer’s Convalescent are “in and out” of Reality here on Earthly Plane. They are in transition.

In transition, these souls will reach out to thin air, stumble from their bed or chair towards thin air or hear voices calling their name. But, for the rest of us, we see nothing.  Be aware that you cannot see, hear or feel what they actually see and hear and feel. They are fully recognizing Others who have passed away before them. They are seeing past events unfolding, again, before them. They are hearing Others call to them….its a thing.

“I Saw Jesus,” he said.

A client was diagnosed with cancer. In his fight against cancer, he started walking everyday. He owned thousands of acres of land. He walked his land nearly everyday. One day, Client was walking a road in his pasture when Jesus appeared from “out of nowhere.”

“What DID Jesus have to say?!” I asked. I really wanted to know. But, suddenly, Client was washed over with doubt and I saw his face fall in the ill-perceived disbelief.

“You don’t believe me. NOBODY believes me!” But I DID believe and I STILL believe. Its what I DO! Energy Work. Its. What. I. Do. Jesus DOES show up. And probably more often than we really know!

Angels show up. Your Aunt Ethel shows up. Your old history teacher…he shows up. People. Show. Up.

Why wouldn’t Jesus show up on a pasture road on a cold day in March to encourage an old dying man?

Client gathered himself because he really did want to tell me the whole story about meeting Jesus that day on a remote pasture road. He did.

“Jesus said, ‘Don’t fear.’ That’s what He was telling me. And He said I was healed,” Client declared.

And you could see the light return to this old man’s face. He said I was healed. There’s more.

“Jesus is so beautiful,” this successful intelligent elderly man said. Client never used “beautiful” in any sentence that I’d heard from him. But, there it was: Jesus is SO beautiful. And Jesus “shined.”

Apparently, when Jesus is around, the Light around Him is pretty bright. Blinding actually.

A long time passed. Client died. Client was not healed. Not physically. But. Soul. Was. Healed.

And that is what Jesus meant that cold March day on a lone pasture road. As we know, our souls fragment. Literally. Fragment. Our souls break apart under grief, unspeakable loss, abuse, shock, torture, illness, accidents, stress, fear. The list is endless.

So. Soul fragments and parts of Fragmented Soul, literally, are hidden. You can get these souls pieces back. And you should if your soul has been broken (much like the saying “broken heart”…that’s your soul that experiences brokenness).

We call back Soul. We call back Soul Pieces. Its a thing.

And that’s what Jesus did for this old dying man that day on a winter’s day. Healed. His. Soul.He said I was healed. 

So When Your Dying 90 Year Old Uncle Emmett Says That He Sees His Mom and Dad…YOU say…”I believe you, Uncle Emmett. What are they wearing? What are they saying? How are they? Who else is with your mom and dad?”…and then listen. Repeat back to Uncle Emmett what Uncle Emmett told you.

And. Be prepared to learn something because, through the Uncle Emmetts of the world, we have the blessed opportunity to gain knowledge of life beyond the veil while attentively and graciously supporting Uncle Emmett during his transition.

Walk on the other side, for just a moment, and lean into what Uncle Emmett is whispering aloud.

Uncle Emmett is actually seeing souls on the other side welcoming him.

What Happens Afterwards?

Transition time frames vary. I’ve seen transitions take a long time, a short time or there’s a block or obstacle in Departed’s way. I help them.

Departed will visit you; visit me. You can take that to the bank.

They willingly return for readings. They look for windows of opportunity to communicate with you.

They want you to know they are still busy on the other side; that they’ve not forgotten you

. How Will I Know If Dear Departed Uncle Emmett Is Around?

Honestly, there are signs:  a feather lands in front of you. You find a penny or a dime in the weirdest place. You hear them. You smell them. You sense their touch. You see them.

As a medium, I am able to connect with Departed souls. All readings are unique and fantastic; filled with information and healing. Every one of them. When I session a reading, Departed tells me much through the Grace of Omnipresent God | Spirit.

Departed souls will tell me how they left the Earth. They’ll show me events, people, places, cars and other assets and/or their pets. They share important bits of information. They point out matters of the heart that may be unresolved. No matter what, every reading is a success story that brings about peace and healing.

Departed souls want you to be happy, healed and settled. They seek peace and finished business. Just. Like. You.

Book a reading at

Get to better.

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