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Bitties And Boo Bears.

Bitties and Boo Bears are my catch phrases for the World’s most important wonderful sector: children.

Aren’t kids a hoot? Those big eyes. Those sticky hands. Runny noses. Bed Head Hair. Shoes on wrong feet. Saggy diapers on their booties. Tummies like Grandpa’s tummy. Flat chested like Aunt Sarah (everybody says so).

They. Are. Great.

Lately, I’ve heard sad news in Bitty and Boo Bear Kingdom. Sometimes….sometimes….Bitties and Boo Bears hide from us before they incarnate, are born. Nobody likes the words miscarry or miscarriage. Its a thing.

And so we arrive here at this ominous word beginning with “M” and that’s our code for (miscarriage) when the Bitties and the Boo Bears shift from deciding to be here to returning to Ether where God | Spirit sing sweet lullabies to Bitties and Boo Bears.


Why does a “M” (don’t forget, we are working in code here) happen? First, don’t blame yourself.

Know this: it is a soul contract. The Bitties and Boo Bears have a soul. Each of them. And the soul contract can include a clause that says, “Not Now.”

A client shared a heartbreaking “M” story that had a happy ending. Client was pregnant. Happily so, too. But then the “M” visited. The Bitty left Client’s body. This devastated Client. Understandable.

Although Client had three other happy vibrant Boo Bears, Client felt such loss over recent “M.”

One afternoon, Client had her three happy vibrant Boo Bears down for a nap. Suddenly, there was a noise of playful but hushed bitty voices. Client tiptoed towards the children’s bedrooms where they napped. She was sure one her Boo Bears was not taking his nap.

To her surprise, all three Boos were soundly napping when, suddenly, Client heard a noise behind her and a little boy’s head spied Client from around the doorway of an adjoining room! Client called out to the Little One behind the door and was now moving towards this child in the doorway.

As Client rounded the doorway, there was nothing there. Nothing. But Client declared, “I knew right away who I had seen that day. I knew this was my future child; a boy. I said to myself that this little boy I had seen would be my fourth child.”

And Client was right.

It was not long afterwards that Client fell pregnant and a new Bitty filled in her family tree. “It was the same soul, the same little boy I saw that day peeking at me from the doorway.”

So, take heart. These things we code as “M” are not your fault. These things that rob our hearts of joy coded, here, as “M,” we win, the Bitties win, the Boo Bears win out over ALL the “M”s in the whole Universe.

If you’ve experienced one “M” or several “M”s….dispel your sadness and anger now. Because sadness, grief, anger….these despairing things will block you from Bitties and Boo Bear Kingdom. Just know: I get it. I understand.

I also suggest that if you know someone who has experienced “M” and still wishes to try again for Bitty and Boo Bear Kingdom, gift that person with a bracelet of rose quartz. Have them wear the bracelet on their left wrist.

Rose Quartz aids its wearer and pushes grief, sadness, anxiety, loss and anger aside so Great and Better can fill in.

Keep me posted. Storks Abound afterwards….

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