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Paranormal & Asset Clearings

Business Homes Land/Ranch & Asset Clearings

  • 1 h
  • 550 US dollars
  • Long distance Clearing or in Person

Service Description

This service is now $350.00 per hour plus expenses. The success of clearing properties here at Full Soul Readings is 100% since 2008. Amazing success percentage and an honest proclamation. Properties have finally sold after clearings have been conducted. Ranches. Massive parcels. Small averages. Office buildings. Mansions. Accident "prone" properties. Tragedy-stricken residences and companies: cleared and prosperous, again. We are surrounded with energy. Everything we touch or was touched by others holds imprints of energy good and bad. Kids having bad dreams? Illnesses that won't clear up? Things that go bump in the night? No worries. One session clears it all up. Our business, our office or home was once occupied by others and the same applies to the land. Sometimes what we perceive as "bad luck" or "inexplicable" events are actually living energy(I es) invisible to most people that can be cleared thus allowing peace, health and success back into your life and the lives of your loved ones.

Contact Details

+ 281-793-4754

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