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Your Fridge Magnet.

Ever feel a headache just attack you?  Why is your knee hurting?

Feel tired without a really good reason? Still grieving? Suffering from PTSD?

Addictions to drugs? Alcohol? Food?

Get a fridge magnet. You heard me. Let’s get to work….

There’s a brilliant benevolent practicing physician, Dr. Bradley Nelson, who created the most amazing healing modality(ies) to locate and release trapped emotions; emotions that cause the migraines; the painful knee issue; the inexplicable tiredness after a fitful night’s sleep; unmitigated grief; trapped trauma of this lifetime, any lifetime.

Dr. Nelson wrote “The Emotion Code” (2007) and in his book, Dr. Nelson explains these amazing practical modalities producing “marvelous results and wonderful benefits, both physical and emotional in nature” (Nelson, 2007). Buy and read Dr. Nelson’s books because he has brilliantly written more than “The Emotion Code.”

As a clairvoyant and Reiki practitioner, I practice long distance healing for clients, their properties, their businesses, careers, relationships, their bodies, their pets and more. In invoking the principles of healing Reiki and using Dr. Nelson’s releasing techniques, my clients receive loving relief and healing right away. For me, I am always in awe of the amazing healing that clients are rewarded with after their sessions. And what’s even better? These healing energies continue to build and billow long after we session. Its nothing short of well-deserved divine light correction to your energy fields, your physical body, your asset base.

Last evening, I was preparing for a healing session for a horse when I received a call from a client who was feeling inexplicably depressed. Checking the energies, it was shown that the client was under verbal and emotional attack by a family member which resulted in trapped emotions of “rejection.”

Because I was scheduled for another appointment, I told the client to retrieve a magnet from the refrigerator and, in this shortcut of Dr. Nelson’s modalities, I instructed the client to pass the magnet seven times:

  1. from in front of the nose

  2. up between the eyes

  3. up over the top of the head

  4. and down past the base of the skull.

  5. Each of the seven times that the client passed the magnet, I instructed Client to say “rejection.”

The depression and sullenness left the Client per reports early this morning.

Magnificent. Miraculous. Deserved. “The Emotion Code” (Nelson, 2007).

You and your beloved family, friends, pets…even the mighty trees and crops in the fields benefit from these benevolent intelligent modalities discussed by Dr. Nelson. I’m grateful for Dr. Nelson and for his books sharing these magnificent healing principles. This is “Future Medicine” (Nelson, 2007) that is brought to you, now, by Dr. Nelson.

You will learn more in Dr. Nelson’s “The Emotion Code” and all of his other works. I have studied and practiced Dr. Nelson’s principles with beautiful results.

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