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Your Clairs: Its a Thing.

Did I really see that? Feel that? Sense that? Hear that?

You did. These are your “clairs” at work; my short version for being clairvoyant in one clair, more than one clair or having all your clairs. Its a thing.

Trust yourself. Know that you are a terrifically attuned instrument in measuring and gauging people, animals, plants, events (past, present, future, this lifetime, all lifetimes, this universe, all universes…pardon my grammar!). Its a thing.

Here’s an example: several years ago, I bought a property. The day before purchasing the house, my real estate agent and I went to the house for its pre-sale inspection. The seller was in the house while the inspection took place. She turned to me and said, “I’ve been praying for the right person to buy this house! Its been blessed, if you know what I mean.”

A sharp pang of knowing stuck me in my gut. I sullenly mumbled, “Yeah. I know what you mean.” And then the proverbial sense of foreboding swept in. My clairs all enjoined and reported, “This is not good.” And it wasn’t. And it wasn’t good for a very very long time after I bought that property.

The house, the property: was haunted. Its a thing.

The first night in the house, a force so hard and so very loud, “struck” the house’s Southeast side at about 3am. The sound of the “impact” on the house shook the house. Literally. I got out of bed, descending the stairs to the first floor and went outside to….nothing. It compelled any soul to say aloud, “Did I actually hear and feel that?” I had. It happened. Its a thing.

The next night: the same thing.

The next night: the same thing but not as loud and not as impacting on the house.

The next night, the next night, the next night: different sounds, different sights, different “things” that go bump in the night took place. I stood my ground. And prayed alot. Eventually, I left. For two weeks…I abandoned the property and lived with friends until I felt it was time to return to that house. The “bumps in the night” continued.

I had no choice but to remain with this house. I had already moved forward fiscally on this purchase. No turning back now, I said to myself. My clairs were all on full tilt and have remained this way ever since. A good thing, you see.

One day, as I set about emptying contents from my moving boxes into office cabinets,  my eyes fell on a spirit board or ouiji board laying on the shelving. It had been deliberately abandoned, I had been shown.

This kind of thing….I’d never seen one of these “things” in person before. These boards are underwhelming in appearance but the energies they carry have only one place to be: a fire. Every clair said: burn it. Now.

But I did not.

Next to the board, there were photos of the former owner; that woman: aka: Previous Owner. Many photos remained behind of her image (loads and loads of Glamor brand ego photos) and personal effects filled the cabinet keeping the board alive, I guess. The remains were more than odd and absurd.

For two weeks more, the board stayed untouched in the cabinet. I had turned a blindeye to its discovery. I chose to ignore the tacky Glamor shots of Previous Owner and her personal effects. The whole discarded mess was a bad makeshift shrine constructed from desperate measures.

I was affronted. I was tired of dealing with nefarious everything. The house, literally, sucked life from me. There’s was nothing good or happy about the place. I knew it would take me to resurrect it from its current demise.

Each day, I did not unpack anything. Each day, I’d reach a limit. I found myself walking away, walking outside. Enduring the hot humid Houston heat went unnoticed when I got out of that house. It was sad, the house, said my clairs.

Previous Owner had been inviting “bad stuff” into the house in order to roust about something exciting for herself. She was wrong. A Wrong Soul was she. Her fanatical attempts to “bless” the house were, obviously, a desperate attempt to overcorrect the results of her macabre conduct.

The energies of the property were swelling with malcontent as each day and each night passed. The property was taking on many negative events, day and night. I was unhappy in the house. Sometimes I would go to the new barn I had built or to the oversized garage to get away from the house. Nothing seemed to go right inside the house. Being away from the house seemed to feel better. And it was so.

A learned energy healer I counseled with was confounded as she checked the energies of the property and house.

“Can you sell the property?” Healer squeamishly asked. And, in unison, my clairs rallied and said, “No,” leaving no invitation for debate by Healer.

I’m a pragmatic sort. I’m good with money. I was vested in the house. There was no mortgage; no debt. But I had invested in a barn, new fencerails for paddocks for my horses and improvements to the property….selling was not an option for current market values in the area.

I stayed my course while I dealt with awful and very scary events in and around the house. Outside the house, there was less fury in the air as opposed to being inside the house. One day, I stood at the top of the stairs inside the house. I heard a noise above me and back behind my head. I turned toward the noise….and, literally, out of thin air, a dirty old forest green rubber end cap to a spring loaded shower rod dropped from inside the ceiling. The end cap dropped at the top of the stairs with little sound and bounced down the staircase to the landing.

Did that just happen? Yeah. It did. Fortunately, a neighbor was with me at the time. We watched this paranormal event manifest from nothing, to our earthly plane only to land, unceremoniously, on the carpeted landing.

We looked at each other. We said nothing. I think we both shrugged our shoulders during the awkwardness of the moment. But we both silently took note of the paranormal psychosis of that moment.

Its a thing, you see, paranormal events….

A couple of years went by after purchasing the house, I was offered to sell the property a few times. I did not. The market values would not cover the profit margins I had in mind and I’ve always known that this property holds forecasted ROI waiting for me…waiting for Mr. Awesome (my husband).

I have stayed and have fought the negative events and negative energies successfully. Some events were caught on CCTV and footage uploaded to YouTube. Mr. Awesome and I have heard, seen and sensed enough to last a few lifetimes in this house. The CCTV platform: confirms much.

This house has served as a foundation to what I do today: access truth | release trapped traumas | release the paranormal | invoke successful proven scientific modalities | open wide territories for healing for people, properties, animals, fields, crops, etc….and all my clairs serve to support every success story. Your clairs are waiting to go to work for you. Its a thing, you see.

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