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Why Do I Lose What I Love?

Why do I keep losing all the things and people I care about?”    – Georgia (George) Lass from the cable series “Dead Like Me” Episode 6 (Season 1 or 2, I can’t remember….).

George Lass. Taken from this world at the age of eighteen. Too young. So not ready to leave this plane. Understandable.

In fact, so aggrieved with her own death, George does not leave Earth but unwittingly stays on as a Grim Reaper. She hates this job. Understandable.

George. Is. Trapped.

Trapped in between life and death. Its a thing, you see.George hovers over the living begrudgingly interacting with them. Her former earthly life: castigated.

George: she struggled in life. Bored. Jaded. Sarcastic. Disenchanted. Indecisive. Well, largely so.

Go to college? She did not.

Work. Her mother made her.

George takes a hateful temp job through an equally hateful agency under the inauspicious guidance of a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

For three whole earthly hours, George endures the satiric blather of other employees; the impasse of an overwhelmed document room; and a very un regal demise on the steps of a corporate Ivory Tower all before lunchtime. First Day On Job.

Understandable how a girl would be put off by such an offensive exit.

So now George haunts earth. That’s a thing. She wanted to embrace this life. George just didn’t know it.

But now George can never return to her broken family; can never aid her depressed sister, floundering bitter mother nor her misguided philandering English professor father. They struggle to face each day after George’s death.

They hate one another, too.

There are lies between George’s family. Utter betrayal. Lies. Deceit. An affair. Work. School.

Changes abound. And not for the better.People lie. Its utterly disgusting. Costly. Lies only beget ruins. Ruins of businesses, marriages, markets, families, partnerships and more. What George failed to comprehend at the bitty age of eighteen, she FULLY got in death. Life moves lightning fast. It compels the Georges of this world and the rest of us to salvage and repair what we love.

Knowing lies from truth. Knowing who we can trust. Knowing who not (to trust). If you’re reading this, you choose not to lose what you have nor whom you love. Don’t be George.

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