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The Smartest Guy In The Room.

It’s epidemic. Narcissism. Sociopathological behavior. Psychopathology at its finest. Epidemic.

Lately, I find that client readings are spinning around Narcissist Of The Day. It bears repeating that Narcissists are not human. True that. There’s something off in the DNA of Narcissists.

Insanely proud and prideful, these emotional parasites are Pot Stirrers, Troublemakers, Supreme Liars and BS Managers with Equally Deceptive BS Resumes and Fake Careers.

Narcissists, Resident Sociopaths and the proverbial Village Psychopath love drama. They spin drama and then sit back and watch the fury unfold.

They delight in twisting facts. They could go free agent to Hollywood successfully.

Good People are incorrectly drawn to their Smartest Guy In The Room method act. They are rakish and flippant with the lives of others.

More Narcissists. Less Good People. 

The uptick in narcissistic-centric cases that I’m currently managing in my private practice spells out the unquelled unbridled conflagration that these narcissists are leaving in their heinous wake. Human capital is nothing to screw with; but tell that to Narcissistic Sociopathologists anywhere.

If you are involved with a Narcissist, Sociopath and/or Psychopath, cut the line. Walk away. Do not look back. Keep. Walking.

Instead of preaching to You The Reader, I’m going to address Narcissist. And if you need to send a message to Narcissist, here you go….

YOU, Narcissist, are evil. Vile. YOU are in the front row at church. YOU pass the plate AND count the cash.

You lie about having earned degrees. Your resume is suitable for the bathroom roll.

You lie about who you know. You lie about everything and everyone. There’s not a shred of truth in you. If there were a shred of truth in you, you’d spontaneously ignite. Avoid church thresholds at all costs, Narcissist.

That company you work for? They hate you, Narcissist. They’re just too afraid of a retaliation to tell you so.

You are a bully with your temper, your words, your threats. You brainwash trusting sorts. You accuse others with no evidence. There’s no light in you. No truth.

Your “charm,” Narcissist, has an expiration date. Word: you’ve expired.

Your finances are BS. You weaponize money and asset. You cook the books. You steal from institutions. You are a taker. You are a fraud.

You’d sell your mother in a New York Minute for any gain. Your worth is the Village Joke.

Your sexual prowess is inflated. You should never procreate. Any Lifetime. Any Universe.

You’re always ill. No surprise. Your molecular and cellular structure has been skewed in every lifetime, generation-to-generation. Your DNA is shredded like your heart.

You emotionally assault. You gaslight. You cast doubt. You project. You’re always right. What’s it like in your head?

You pursue anything that moves for attention; sex. You pursue all for financial gain. All. ALL.

You create setups. You craft inane stories. You pay others to believe you. You pay others to alienate.

Your stories are old. Your schtick is older. You are irrelevant.

And when you, Narcissist, are outed, you invoke convincing strings of lies plied with bribes, promises and deals skewed with a wink of your eye. You are unaccountable. You are nomadic. But then you have to be.

You drink too much. You eat too much. You blame others for your drinking and your eating. You are the victim in every fable. You are a manipulative delusional loon.

You gamble with people’s lives. You participate in illicit activities. You lie.

You’re just this side of legal and that’s debatable.

You hide when your lies return to you. You make no sense. Liar.

You are a snake scrapping its skin off on the craggy rocks you call home.

You’re Enron and Ma-doff rolled into one. Good luck, Lumpy. You’re going to need it. Karma, The Lone Ranger and Silver are displeased with you.

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Own Knowledge. Own Truth.

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