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Kate Spade. Check The Soul.

Rest In Peace, kate spade.

It was curious that kate decided to exit earlier this month. We always want better for others. We wish we could help others.

The Creative.

Pythagorean numbers calculate and reveal interesting things about each of us; about our significant others; about past.present.future.

Here is a chart about kate spade. And since kate enjoyed so much personal, family and business relationship events with her creative facets, her husband, their families and, of course, the domestic and global businesses kate and Andy carved out….I thought it compelling to share kate’s numerology.

Ace Of Spades.

Kate Spade December 24, 1962

Andy Spade December 24, 1962

The Number Kate Spade Andy Spade Together There Is

Soul 3 The Creative 7 The Mind Challenge

Personality 3 The Creative 1 The Mind Compatibilty

Power 6 The Creative 8 The Business Head Compatibilty

The Day of Birth 6 The Creative 6 The Business Head Natural Affiliation

LifePath 9 The Creative 9 The Creative Natural Affilitation

Attitude 9 The Creative 9 The Creative Natural Affiliation

Do you see?

The Soul Number Conflicts; meets Challenge. Either Kate and Andy METE OUT the challenged Soul Number or not.

The Soul. Knows.

We are on this Earthly plane to work out matters. Our Souls: know what we are to accomplish, work out, face head on, enjoy, despise, study, conquer, love, see, endure.

Our Souls also know when we are finished or when we need to regroup or when we need to buckle down and own a lesson.

Judge not how each Soul runs its race, manages its risks, enjoys (or doesn’t) its assignments in Life.

The Creative Meets The Thinker.

Studying kate spade’s Pythagorean calculations today was interesting. And revealing. You see that kate and Andy were born on the exact same day.

You know that kate was born and raised in the Midwest, began her college education close to home but was drawn elsewhere. She finished her undergrad in the Southwest (Arizona State) wherein she met Andy.

Hay Spun Into Gold.

And their Souls met. Studied together. Worked alongside one another. Merged families. Created new innovative and blissful product lines. Launched and sold mammoth global firms. Had a daughter together. Earned enormous wealth. Lived well. Launched betterment into the lives of friends, family, employees, investors and customers around the world.

Iron Sharpeneth Iron.

Sometimes Soul points out that there’s been enough work, love, fun and overt challenge managed in a lifetime.

Sometimes Soul points out: done (or not).

kate may well have completed her Soul Contracts, she thought.

I find that she was short on completion.

In fact, I’m shown that there was something even more creative waiting on the proverbial drawing board for us to enjoy from kate spade (aka: Frances Valentine).

Have Better. Now.

We enjoy life better and do more in life when we struggle; when we are challenged; when we finish the race; and even in the rest and success after the struggle, the challenge, the race.

kate spade is resting, now, as is her father who suddenly exited Earthly Plane less than 72 hours ago.

Her race, her struggles, her challenges….now finished for this lifetime. We look forward to meeting her in another lifetime. Look for “kate” then.

Who is your best companion in this lifetime?

Let’s find out. Book a reading on

Have Better. Own Truth. -Ness

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