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Ego. Check It.


Once upon a time, there was a guy and a girl. The girl was nice. She worked hard. She had a good heart. She looked out for others.

She was the one who rescued the abandoned dog by the road. She was the one who put the lost mother back with the bewildered child at the grocery store. The Girl liked helping others. She couldn’t help herself. That’s not good. That Girl had no borders. She allowed good and bad sorts into her life, her energy fields.

Because This Girl was independent, capable, resourceful, she would lose sight of what was good for herself. Ego has a way of welling up even in the most sanctified energy fields. And so it was with This Girl.

This Girl….she was happy from the time she woke up to the time she went to bed. And probably happy all night long as she slept. The angels and guides enjoyed watching over That Girl. They wished That Girl would hear them. After all, the angels and guides watching over That Girl were warning her.

Nonetheless, This Girl’s intentions and heart and soul were dandy. But covered in a bit of Ego. That’s a bad thing.

This Good Girl put others before herself. She needed little. Asked for less. She would survive.

She’d make it no matter what, she reasoned.

That was wrong.


The Guy was not nice. He complained about having to work. He shouldn’t have to work much less for anyone above him. Forget about manual labor. He was too good for that kind of work and said so. That Guy put himself before everyone. He drew pictures of himself in a cape and tights. He dreamed he could fly in the cape and tights. Truly.

He needed expensive things. He needed the attention of worthy people.

He was divisive, calculating. A liar. He made silent plans of self-promotion; self-aggrandizement.

Behind closed doors, he demeaned and gossiped about others who were, literally, better than he.

He committed attrition in order to surpass others and take spoils of war. That was wrong.

That Guy dreamed he was famous. He dreamed he was needed by the world. He may have dreamed he was king of the world….a king in a cape and tights.

He marketed himself with some success but not lasting success. After all…anyone can go around tooting their own horn disingenuously.

And people are smart. Very.

His heart was black. The eyes of his heart: blinded. He was egotistical. He loved his egocentric plans. He felt deserved to have the best at the expense of others. And so it was.

Ego. Is Bad.

Ego is blinding black bundles of self-created lies.

Put. Ego. In. Check. Or Else. They Meet. Oh No.

One day, The Girl and That Guy met. The Girl was fun. And funny. She had a bit of Ego, too; but not like the limitless Ego That Guy was feeding. That Girl didn’t know it but she was helping to feed

That Guy and That Ego chained to That Guy.

The Guy was scared of The Girl’s easiness, confidence and friendliness. Surely That Girl was hiding something.  She was not.

That Guy properly admired That Girl’s personality, promise and asset base. Indeed, he coveted it.

After all, many admirers orbited around This Girl for her joy and kindness. That guy wanted all of what the Girl had. And more.

He would get it all from that girl. Even if it took months. Years. Decades. Lifetimes.

He. Would. Get. Her.

And That Guy did get That Girl.

Ego did get her. It happens.

You Don’t Destroy People You Love.

And That Guy’s love sucked the life out That Girl. And the Girl was no more.

The Girl…she had unwittingly given up her heart, her love, her very soul. It was all robbed from That Girl by

That Guy. The Girl became confused. Desultory. She lost Joy. She lost Confidence. She lost her good way. Ego is never satisfied. Never. Unchecked Ego creates chequered lives.

That Guy. Destroyed. That Girl.

And that guy’s Ego. Destroyed. That Girl.

Ego. Shaken. Not Stirred.

So. When That Guy’s ego was filled up pretty well, That Guy and his Giant Ego felt pretty big. And

That Guy and his pretty big Ego got together and started doing Smart Guy stuff. Like what? Like lying about his bitty resume. Inflating his client list. Boasting about his salary and bonuses….that were equally inflated.

After all, the Unchecked Ego okayed all this Smart Guy stuff.

Soon, extra women went into orbits around The Egocentric Guy. They wanted what he had: his fancy future, the expensive house, the expensive car, the fancy trips he constantly took, the bottomless checking account, that big deal client list, all that Big Deal future that Ego Guy was making (or said he was making).

They’d give themselves to The Ego.

And So It Was.

That Girl….she was moved to That Guy’s background. She was becoming useless to That Guy. He was embarrassed to be seen with her, she considered. He was absent from much and unaccountable for simple things.

That Girl asked too many questions. Too many good questions. She didn’t know she really hadn’t lost herself. But she had allowed That Guy’s Giant Ego overcome her; overcome her life.

She was still smart. Logical. Reasonable. Honest. Dependable. Loyal. Caring. Promising. All the things that That Guy lacked were found in the soul he drained. She just needed to get out from under That Guy’s Blinding Ego.

That Girl became only good for bringing home a paycheck, cooking, cleaning, washing Smart

Guy’s giant underwear and having kids.

After all, that’s what That Guy said. Therefore, it must be so.

The Enemy with That Ego.

That Girl would say about That Guy…”That Doesn’t Make SENSE!” and “I’ve been HOODWINKED!” and “I’m Sleeping With The Enemy!” and “Did the Mothership Swing Through Again?!” and “Where have you been?!” and stuff like that….

That Girl fixed herself and fixed herself and fixed herself to make That Guy see her….until she ran out of fix yourself tricks in her bag. She was out of ideas. She didn’t know what she was dealing with in That Guy.

That Girl gave away her confidence, her love, her joy, her future, her assets to The Enemy.Ego = 1/Knowledge. -Albert Einstein

That Girl realized that she had lost herself. That Girl discovered That Guy’s Ego manufactured lies, unmet lists of promises and a growing headcount of other women in and out of That Guy’s life despite his incessant denials. The

Unchecked Ego ruined her.

There was no competing with all of that Ego.

That Girl left. She never looked back. After all, That Girl could not see That Guy because Ego had overtaken That Guy. It squashed him like the insect he was.

That Girl….she found herself again. She became her great self again. She learned that Ego Must

Be Checked. Always. It can

get anyone, Ego.

That Guy? That Smart Guy? That Ego-Driven Fool?

He stupidly let That Girl go. He cannot figure out anything in this life; especially now. After all, Ego keeps That Guy Busy, Blinded, Betrothed to itself.

Find out what’s going on. Book a reading at

Have better. Own better. For the rest of your life. -Ness

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