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Updated: Feb 4, 2022

*Lying *Cheating *Stealing *Character Defamation & Assassination (lying) ...will require The Lying Propagandist to stand in judgement, here on Earth before humanity and God.

Never hurt, malign, mislead children or animals. Or anyone...but holy consequences are treasonous against the innocent. DO NO HARM...but if you did or someone harmed a child, animal, person, their reputation, asset base, home, business, livelihood, career, marriage, partnership...


💥you lied, get will be monumentally consequential no matter what. 🦠you stole someone's idea, work product, money, children, home, business, future, spouse, family, hope, career, vehicle, animals/livestock, land, life...get ready ⚡️you think that pack of liars whom you trust will protect you from your lies, deceit, treason and keep you supplied in OPM (Other Peoples' Money) to continue in your evil ways?

Get ready. 🎟 you think you can sin and you say "oh I can sin and still be forgiven and there are no consequence!”

No. That is a lie.

Get. Ready. ▶️ you lied UNDER OATH with your evil hand on The Holy Bible, swearing to tell the truth.

Get. Ready. ☠️ you use children, animals as pawns to harass, discredit, alienate, estrange, target an innocent person...get ready. 🚧 you say ”the law doesn’t apply to me; that’s for poor people, people beneath me. I am a VIP; I am The Elite. I am the smartest guy in the room. Me. I am elite, connected, powerful...” while you slip money under the table to jurists, power brokers, hired guns, crooked politicians, publicity writers, crooked judges, crooked lawyers, crooked bankers...”

Those. Days. Are. Over. ...get ready And we will be watching...

I told you this would happen.

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